The general idea of the uPATO tool is to innovate in the way how match analysis is performed and used in team sports, for example in football. The uPATO tool allows the introduction of data based on adjacency matrices and integrate the several metrics used for team sports analysis. Usually, each author presents a tool with their metrics but the uPATO tool integrates all metrics available for graphs and digraphs, weighted or not.

uPATO also provides tools for analyzing GPS data, allowing the study of performance in team sports. The foreseen supported equipments include FieldWiz and TraXports systems. Besides, it have a generic template that accept geolocation data (e.g., time, xPos, yPos, lat, long), at least the first three columns are required.

Now, you can also have the uPATO mobile app.


This work is funded by FCT/MEC through national funds and when applicable co-funded by FEDER – PT2020 partnership agreement under the project UID/EEA/50008/2013

Project Team

Research fellows: Acácio Correia, Bernardo Sequeiros, José Ribeiro, Quoc Nguyen and Vasco Lopes